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Advanced Training

Advanced Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training

Take your hovercraft piloting skills and mechanical proficiency to the next level with Advanced Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training. Dig deeper into the principles of flight during ground instruction and refine more technically advanced skills during flight training. Master advanced turning and reverse thrust techniques for optimal maneuverability in a variety of terrains and conditions (swift water, narrow waterways, obstacle courses, steep inclines, and more); become more adept at avoiding plow-ins; experiment with hump performance in overload; and experience hovercraft operation in extreme environmental conditions. Advanced certification requires successful completion of thorough skills and comprehension tests.

Earn the Advanced Hovercraft Pilot Certificate, gain hours of pilot experience, and immediately apply hovercraft in your work.

Our two-part training program includes:

Ground Instruction

  • Curriculum is based on the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual - the most comprehensive hovercraft pilot and maintenance guide available, including a special addendum, Hovercraft in Rescue Operations.
  • Learn more about technically advanced maneuvering required in extreme situations.
  • Learn about advanced hovercraft mechanics, maintenance and how to prepare your hovercraft for better performance in unusual conditions.
  • Discover reasons and conditions leading to decreased hump performance, wider turning and plow-ins in order to better avoid them and confidently power up, where rookies power down.

Flight Training

  • Exercise hump performance in overload conditions.
  • Practice piloting a hovercraft in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Fly better with cutting edge maneuvering techniques for improved performance in turning, reverse thrust techniques, plow-in and extreme access areas.
  • Hands-on training is always conducted one-on-one and individualized to your needs and skill level.

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Advanced Hovercraft Pilot Training Syllabus

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HOVERCRAFT TRAINING CENTERS Make no mistake: A hovercraft is a flying machine. Floating nine inches above the surface, it requires a skilled pilot at the controls. And for those who are trained by HTC pilots, the most experienced in the industry, the result is a pilot capable of capitalizing on the hovercraft's true potential, yielding an array of advantages for recreational, rescue, military and commercial applications.
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