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Master Training

Master Hovercraft Pilot & Maintenance Training

This course is designed for those who utilize hovercraft professionally, such as first responders in police and fire departments and commercial or military/defense personnel who pilot hovercraft in remote or difficult terrains. Master training is individualized and focuses on specialized training in rescue/military operations and teamwork in an emergency, military or work environment. Advanced Training is required to enroll in Master Hovercraft Pilot Training.

Master Training focuses on teaching you how to train hovercraft pilots and to maintain and repair hovercraft. All participants in Master Hovercraft Pilot Training are required to teach a Standard Training class under the supervision of a Certified Master Hovercraft Pilot. The Master Training course can run several days. A minimum of 30 hours of prior hovercraft piloting experience is needed before enrolling in Master Training.

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Advanced Hovercraft Pilot Training Syllabus

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HOVERCRAFT TRAINING CENTERS Make no mistake: A hovercraft is a flying machine. Floating nine inches above the surface, it requires a skilled pilot at the controls. And for those who are trained by HTC pilots, the most experienced in the industry, the result is a pilot capable of capitalizing on the hovercraft's true potential, yielding an array of advantages for recreational, rescue, military and commercial applications.
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