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The Half-Century History of Hovercraft Training Centers

The most effective hovercraft pilots are those who have had the most comprehensive training, and that training can come only from flight instructors who have had the most experience. As the originator of the first successful light hovercraft, HTC founder and Senior Flight Instructor Chris Fitzgerald has spent more than 50 years piloting, designing and developing hovercraft – and training those who fly them.

Who better to be your instructor?

Enjoy our photo archives to see the evolution of Hovercraft Training Centers and the Neoteric training hovercraft:

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      Meet our Graduates

      A select group of HTC graduates from 2000 to the present day …

      Train with the Best

      HTC training pilots have instructed light hovercraft flight and maintenance since 1976 …

      Where it all Began

      Since 1960, a team of Australian engineers have devoted their lives to hovercraft development and flight training …

      HOVERCRAFT TRAINING CENTERS Make no mistake: A hovercraft is a flying machine. Floating nine inches above the surface, it requires a skilled pilot at the controls. And for those who are trained by HTC pilots, the most experienced in the industry, the result is a pilot capable of capitalizing on the hovercraft's true potential, yielding an array of advantages for recreational, rescue, military and commercial applications.
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