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Spend a couple of hours at HTC to experience the capabilities of hovercraft. Learn the principles of hovercraft operation and fly in a hovercraft with a professional instructor.
Designed for the general or recreational hovercraft pilot, this intensive one-day program includes classroom instruction, flight training, and a copy of the Hovercraft Pilot/Maintenance Training Manual . Lunch is provided.
(Class 3 Certification) 1575.00
Prerequisite: Completion of Standard Training plus documented 20 hours hovercraft piloting/maintenance experience. Designed to take your piloting and maintenance skills to the next level, this one-day program includes classroom instruction, advanced flight training, and a copy of the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual. Lunch is provided.
(Class 2 Certification) 1863.75
Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Training plus documented 30 hours total of hovercraft piloting/maintenance experience. Designed for those who use hovercraft in a rescue, military or work environment, this individualized multi-day program advances skills and prepares trainees to conduct Standard Pilot/Maintenance Training. Lunches and relevant Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual(s) are provided.
(Class 1 Certification) 4410.00
Designed to accommodate both novice and experienced pilots, this multi-day program is customized to meet the specific needs of rescue, commercial and military professionals (ice, whitewater, flood rescue; task-specific commercial training; military interdiction; night operations etc.) All Lunches and copies of relevant Hovercraft Pilot/maintenance Training Manual(s) are provided.
(Class 0 certification) 4725.00
HTC (Hovercraft Training Centers) instructor(s) travel to the location of your choice to conduct the Pilot and Maintenance Training Program. The cost is per instructor per day. Days start from the time the instructor leaves the Neoteric facility and ends on the day the instructor returns to Neoteric. Usually the first day on-site is class room and maintenance training. Training is in English. If an interpreter is needed this requires more time. One instructor can train two pilots per day. If technical difficulties arise with the training hovercraft, the training time is extended without additional charges.
Designed to prepare for Hovercenter ownership, this two-day program qualifies franchisees to provide Hovercraft Test Flights and Standard Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training. The course includes classroom instruction, flight training, and instruction in Hovercenter setup, operations, management, sales, and marketing. The course fee is per franchisee and includes lunches and a copy of the relevant Hovercraft Pilot/maintenance Training Manual.
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HTC training pilots have instructed light hovercraft flight and maintenance since 1976 …

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Since 1960, a team of Australian engineers have devoted their lives to hovercraft development and flight training …

HOVERCRAFT TRAINING CENTERS Make no mistake: A hovercraft is a flying machine. Floating nine inches above the surface, it requires a skilled pilot at the controls. And for those who are trained by HTC pilots, the most experienced in the industry, the result is a pilot capable of capitalizing on the hovercraft's true potential, yielding an array of advantages for recreational, rescue, military and commercial applications.
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