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Bridge out? No problem. Unstoppable tactical transport for any operation.

Let nothing stand between you and your mission. Hover nine inches above swamp, sand, ice, and snow with ease. With so much on the line, no mission should ever fail due to inadequate transportation. Thanks to hovercraft, this problem is a thing of the past. For hard-to-reach locations that are inaccessible by boat and helicopter, hovercraft allow you to safely transport your personnel and freely engage your target, every time.

Reduce training costs. Increase efficiency.

With large hovercraft becoming more prevalent in national defense, a growing number of military personnel are being trained to pilot them. Due to the high cost of operation associated with LCACs and Ship to Shore Connectors, pilot training has proven to be complex and expensive.

Training on light hovercraft offers a superior cost/benefit ratio than the current training program, reducing costs for both training vehicles and program staffing. Pilots are currently trained in simulators, followed by training in the actual heavy hovercraft. In contrast, military aircraft pilots receive initial training in light aircraft. This method can be readily applied to LCAC / Ship to Shore Connector training. The operational principles of light hovercraft and heavy hovercraft are identical, as are the operational principles of light aircraft and jets.

Maximize efficiency. Reduce training expenses. Increase effectiveness. Hovercraft Training Centers offer specialized advanced flight training to military personnel. Keep pace with progress – from military/defense personnel and first responders, to commercial users and recreationalists, light hovercraft are the wave of the future.

“We use hovercraft on and off our base. Without the level of training sophistication that HTC provides, we would never be able to perform our missions the way we do”
Cpt. Cory Lingelbach USAF UTTR, Hill Air Force Base, Utah

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United States Border Patrol U.S. Border Patrol personnel complete the HTC standard hovercraft pilot training course. See more military pilot training photos …

United States Air Force Personnel from the Utah Test and Training Range at Hill Air Force Base complete a week of specialized military pilot training at Hovercraft Training Centers headquarters in Terre Haute, Indiana USA. USAF flight training photo gallery …

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Train with the Best
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