Hovercraft Training Centers

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What You Can Expect From a Test Flight

You’ve seen what hovercraft can do. Now see if it’s right for you.

Spend a couple of hours at HTC and experience the capability of hovercraft, discuss the challenges you face, and determine if this unique technology could be your secret weapon. Whatever your interest or industry, our instructors have helped people just like you increase productivity, improve safety, and have fun with hovercraft.

  • Learn the core principles of hovercraft function, operation, and maintenance with a ground training curriculum based on the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual - the most comprehensive guide available.
  • Expect a crash course in physics and mechanical engineering, with enough hovercraft-specific information to keep everyone interested - from mechanics and pilots to those with no relevant background.
  • Assist in a 21-point pre-flight inspection, introducing basic hovercraft function, mechanics and maintenance.
  • Travel to our launch site to begin your flight. Experience takeoff, land-to-water transitions, reverse thrust performance, turning, spinning and difficult access maneuverability. Observe the behavior of hovercraft over various terrains and gain an understanding of the skill level required for a certified hovercraft pilot.
  • Wrap up with a post-flight inspection, thorough debriefing and question and answer session. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of hovercraft operation and maintenance as well as the pros and cons of hovercraft use for your application and help you decide if hovercraft is the right choice for you or your team.

Fee: $295

Meet our Graduates
A select group of hovercraft pilots graduates from 2000 to the present day …
Train with the Best
HTC training pilots have instructed light hovercraft flight and maintenance since 1976 …
Train with the Best
Since 1960, a team of Australian engineers have devoted their lives to hovercraft development and flight training …