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Standard Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training

Designed for the general or recreational hovercraft pilot, this intensive one-day program provides the basic operation and maintenance training necessary to become a Certified Solo Hovercraft Pilot.

Our two-part pilot training program includes:

    Ground Instruction
  • Curriculum is based on the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual - the most comprehensive hovercraft pilot and maintenance guide available.
  • Learn the core principles of hovercraft function, operation, and maintenance.
  • Expect a crash course in physics and mechanical engineering, with enough hovercraft-specific information to keep everyone interested - from mechanics and pilots to those with no relevant background.
  • Discuss your needs and learn how hovercraft can work for your specific application.
    Flight Training
  • Apply your knowledge and learn to operate hovercraft over land and water, to transition between various surfaces, sideslip, spin, and fly in reverse using the reverse thrust system.
  • Our immersive, experiential teaching model involves the student at every stage. From properly loading and unloading the hovercraft from the trailer and performing pre- and post-flight inspections to demonstrating the principles of operation, you will be actively engaged and will learn by doing..
  • Hands-on training is always conducted one-on-one and individualized to your needs and skill level.

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Typical Training Program Syllabus Class 3 Apr 2023

Standard Hovercraft Pilot Training Syllabus Version 1

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