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Specialized Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training

Specialized Pilot Training courses are multi-day, multi-terrain programs highly customized to meet the training specifications of search and rescue, commercial, and military/defense professionals. Designed to accommodate both novice and experienced pilots, these accelerated courses cover basic operation and proceed to mastery of real-world applications including ice rescue, whitewater rescue, flood rescue, task-specific commercial training, night operations, military interdiction training, hovercraft instructor training. Whatever the application, we will adapt your course to meet your needs.

Earn a Special Purpose Hovercraft Pilot Certificate, gain hours of pilot experience, and immediately apply hovercraft in your work.

Our two-part pilot training program includes:

    Ground Instruction
  • Curriculum is based on the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual - the most comprehensive hovercraft pilot and maintenance guide available, including a special addendum, "Hovercraft in Rescue Operations."
  • Learn or review the basic principles covered in Standard Pilot Training, then move on to specific maneuvers and techniques relevant to your work.
  • Learn about advanced hovercraft mechanics, maintenance and how to prepare your hovercraft for better performance in unusual conditions.
  • Expect a crash course in physics and mechanical engineering, with enough hovercraft- and industry-specific information to keep everyone interested - from mechanics and pilots to those with no relevant background.
    Flight Training
  • Apply your knowledge and learn to operate hovercraft over land and water with an experienced instructor.
  • Depending upon your specifications, training spans 3 to 7 days. You will master basic operation, perform task-specific drills, and navigate obstacle courses in multiple locations and over a variety of terrain and conditions, day and/or night.
  • Our immersive, experiential teaching model involves the student at every stage. From demonstrating the fundamental principles of operation to participating in timed drills in challenging environments, you will be actively engaged and will learn by doing.
  • Hands-on training is always conducted one-on-one and individualized to your needs and skill level.

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Specialized Hovercraft Pilot Training Syllabus

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