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Tired of your profession? Ready to retire? Wish you could meet lots of interesting people? Want to add some profitable excitement to your life? Become a pioneering entrepreneur: Owning a Hovercraft Training Center franchise will get you in on the ground floor of an expanding international industry. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to make your next venture a true adventure.

Lead the way: Become a privileged partner in worldwide Hovercraft Training Centers.

Hovercraft are taking off. Professionals and serious sports enthusiasts all over the world are discovering how they can work smarter or play harder with hovercraft - and learning that these mighty machines require a skilled pilot at the controls. Hovercraft Training Centers have successfully operated an in-house hovercraft pilot and maintenance training program for more than 30 years - certifying recreational, search and rescue, military/defense and commercial hovercraft pilots worldwide.

The international market for hovercraft is steadily expanding, along with the need for professionally-trained pilots. As the premier resources for hovercraft pilot and maintenance training, Hovercraft Training Centers are uniquely positioned and function as regional hubs for all things hover. Each center, either mobile or fixed, serves as:

  • A Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training School
  • A showroom for the sale of hovercraft, self-assembly kits, and parts
  • A Hovercraft Service and Rental Center
  • A retail storefront for hovercraft-related merchandise such as books, videos, toys, and apparel, and accessories
  • A hovercraft entertainment venue for corporate and private events
  • A tourist destination for hovercraft pilots worldwide
  • A clubhouse and a catalyst for forming and running a local Hovercraft Club
  • A Hovercraft Finance Center
  • A Hovercraft Insurance Brokerage

All Hovercraft Training Centers are certified by The World Hovercraft Organization and The North American Hovercraft Manufacturers Association and utilize a standardized training curriculum and recreation program developed by hovercraft and airline pilots, engineers, educators, and event organizers.

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